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Devin Duffy-Halseth: i must say i like hearing about various malware fight vectors and APT campaigns

Dan M. Dan is a broad-spectrum technologies expert with 18 years of experiences, 13 in direct performance of Digital Forensics and experience impulse (DFIR). Dan enjoys served as a contributor, Specialized Lead, and Practice Lead for a Fortune 10 Incident impulse services. Contained in this role, Dan provided oversight to the needs and shipment associated with provider together with a functioning as a senior event handler and crucial experience lead. Dan’s examination feel include help for standard forensic comparison upwards through responses to perform enterprise violation circumstances. During this operate Dan contributed into the patent improvement enterprise danger intelligence sharing technologies. Dan has additionally been a presenter at occasions such VERY FIRST, Evanta, HTCIA, APWG, IEEE and several buyer engagements. ‘” 3_Saturday,,,Workshops,”Octavius 7″,”‘Practical Malware Review: Hands-On'”,”‘Sam Bowne, Devin Duffy-Halseth, Dylan James Smith'”,”‘

Dylan James Smith

Learn to analyze windowpanes trojans trials, with a hands-on a number of tasks in a great, CTF-style planet. You’ll find four amounts of review problems.

1. Basic static assessment with file, strings, PEiD, PEview, Dependency Walker, and VirusTotal 2. Basic powerful testing with processes track, processes Explorer, RegShot, and Wireshark 3. state-of-the-art static review with IDA professional 100 % free and Hopper 4. cutting-edge powerful research with Ollydbg and Windbg

Initial issues were effortless adequate for beginners, therefore the later types bring hard adequate to focus intermediate security specialists. We will exhibit the challenges, discuss the systems and techniques, that assist members get through all of them as needed.

All products and difficulties were freely available at , like fall porches, videos lectures, and hands-on project information. They will certainly remain offered after the working area ends.

Requirements: person must familiar with basic C programs. Experience with creating screens programs, construction words, and debuggers is helpful yet not needed.

Components: Participants must push a notebook (any OS) with VMware or VirtualBox attached to it. Each associate will need a 32-bit screens virtual equipment to operate malware products. USB sticks with a Windows servers 2008 VM is designed for children to replicate. silversingles kaydol Some tasks also use a Kali Linux VM to imitate cyberspace, but that is not essential.

Sam Bowne Sam Bowne has been instructing pc marketing and security classes at City college or university San Francisco since 2000. He’s given discussion and hands-on trainings at DEFCON, WISH, RSA, B-Sides SF, B-Sides LV, and many different disadvantages. They have a PhD and a CISSP and many tees.

Dylan James Smith Dylan James Smith has helped Sam Bowne with practical courses at DEF CON, RSA, B-Sides LV as well as other seminars. They have worked around the computer support business since adolescence. Today heA?AˆA™s old(er.) Presently centered on studying and training “”the cybers.”” ‘” 3_Saturday,,,BHV,”Pisa Room”,”‘Biohackers Die'”,”‘Jeffrey Tibbetts'”,”‘Title: Biohackers Die

Presenter: Jeffrey Tibbetts About Jeffrey: Jeffrey Tibbetts try a Biohacker, writer, human anatomy mod artist and nurse regarding Southern California. HeA?AˆA™s been a collaborator on jobs including insufflatable peptides that expand REM sleep to non-Newtonian armour implants. The guy placed 3rd in the Biohack community Oxytocin Poker contest and sang an implant on transhumanist presidential applicant Zoltan Istvan. Jeff hosts the annual event, A?AˆA?GrindfestA?AˆA? in Tehachapi Ca which New York period states is actually for A?AˆA?the genuine transhumanists.A?AˆA? He shares his lab space with two great pets, Chango and Grumpus, and additionally two simply acceptable cats, Binky and Mildew.

Sam Bowne

Abstract: Over the past decade, the ways we follow real improvement have grown to be increasingly intrusive. WeA?AˆA™ve yet already been blessed, neverthelessA?AˆA™s most likely or even unavoidable that a death arise as a result of biohacking. This presentation covers the many safety measures are taken by biohackers to manufacture all of our treatments and work as safer as possible.

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