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Harvey loves the woman and you can trusts her surely

But not, this woman is a beneficial confidante and you will a beneficial some one people, which allows this lady to keep matchmaking with people you to definitely Harvey try not to

Donna is a superb networker and you may is “tied-in” for the rumors and you may less than-belly happenings out of Pearson Hardman. Their community was thorough and you will works compliment of the majority of Nyc Town. As a result, Donna is regarded a little warily because of the associates and you may couples exactly the same. She actually is social, fun, witty, and you may pleasant, and people see getting the girl.

Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter was Donna’s longtime company and you will buddy. Both trust each other implicitly. They first found within Region Attorney’s workplace, where Harvey are Assistant Section Lawyer (ADA) and she try their assistant; they might be a team from the time. Immediately following helping two years at the DA’s office, Harvey got Donna with him so you can Pearson Hardman.

Both are very personal. He varies according to her and you may viewpoints the lady as important in order to their are. When he advised Jessica within the “All in,” Donna try irreplaceable. Donna, consequently, adores Harvey that will be incredibly dedicated to help you him, to the point in which she would take a round having him. Each other often look at both as a couple halves with the exact same entire, and Donna has place Harvey above all other dating more once. It simply take high fulfillment inside the for each and every other’s team appreciate their jokes and you may spoken sparring. (He’s got a beneficial pre-demo routine connected with a can opener and thumbtacks.) Over the years, he’s set up a simple comfort receive only anywhere between best family members, consequently they are pretty good on training others. No body understands Harvey much better than Donna, and though Harvey generally has a tendency to keep his attitude alongside the fresh breasts, he could be far more open and you may vulnerable along with her than just he’s having others. She actually is privy to all information on their private life–she knows about Harvey’s mother and you can brother, which will be keen on Harvey’s dad. (She actually is along with the individual that informed Harvey regarding his dad’s dying.) Donna is even one of the few best free hookup site Shreveport people whose thoughts Harvey thinking, and then he pays attention cautiously so you’re able to one thing she tells your, even if the guy does not usually admit it during the time. When disturb, Harvey sometimes leans back up on setting up the brand new employer-employee line–a barrier Donna is sensible adequate to learn when to forget about, acknowledging they on emotionally distancing tactic that it’s. She actually is more than likely alone effective at staying his reckless tendencies in check. Harvey, meanwhile, are similarly proficient at reading Donna, and even though Harvey isn’t very important to brand new technicians away from Donna’s lives, she is reliant greatly on his unswerving loyalty, devotion, and you may mental assistance. Despite being protective away from their confidentiality, Harvey has actually assist Donna’s mothers remain at his condominium ahead of (shortly after she cried fake tears–a fact he only learns later on), and Donna comes with the free the answer to their condo.

Donna was a gold mine of information having Harvey and listens into every their talks inside the work environment (anything Harvey does not dissuade, because the the guy actually leaves his intercom on on her behalf). She is higher level on anticipating their need, and you can requires high pleasure in starting to be able to provide Harvey that have exactly what the guy need instead him requesting they. She feedback the woman job concerning cover and take proper care of your, and will head to any lengths to achieve this. It was basic confirmed in the “Regulations of your Video game”, where she provides Jessica incriminating proof against Cameron Dennis just after Dennis threatens Harvey, and again within the “Break Area”, whenever she shreds an enthusiastic incriminating memo you to she concerns will implicate him within the case.

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