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Quickly find the house via GPS satellites

Advantage Tracking has been in the centre of Nexis, and it’s obvious how to hookup in Denver when you plunge into our GPS monitoring chart monitor. Loaded from any online enabled internet browser Nexis produces a whole summary of your entire fleet, with crucial trip history playback acquired by GPS satellites. Effective companies data at mouse click of a button!

  • Precise GPS places for all your possessions
  • Live ignition on and off facts
  • Essential quest playback
  • aˆ?Follow this vehicleaˆ? feature
  • Important speed and route playback properties

Telematics Stating

GPS data is merely a small element of Nexis, with our package of bespoke and tailormade telematic reports it is never been much easier to thought key information and statistics remotely for any house.

System Consumption Data

Nexis obviously highlights an assets consumption and exhibits this data towards the consumer, breaking down practices based on individual property or even the whole fleet! By-hour, time, thirty days and sometimes even 12 months! Keeping you in control of advantage maintenance plus unauthorized use.

Servicing Supervisor

Staying with maker approved maintenance is necessary for almost any business, that’s why the Nexis maintenance management will monitor application (both kilometers traveled + time made use of) to obviously and specifically display critical usage of your own collection. Not only will Nexis gather this facts for you, nonetheless it may also notify you whenever a secured item are approaching producers suggested solution schedules plus they are followed too.

Ignition & Motor Monitoring

Asset use and revealing were critical for a small business, that’s why Nexis just information and notifications consumers based on ignition on or off task but additionally if property system is found on or off. This really is especially important for extortionate idle revealing or a visual indication, and sometimes even if a valuable asset is used or maybe just seated with only the ignition on!

Fuel Container Monitoring

We understand that not all fleets include providers cars, and have incorporated energy container monitoring as well as the tabs on isolated liquid tanks into Nexis. This is often regularly actively watch gas quantities of any fluid dependent on your company necessity.

Utilisation Reporting

Should you operate a collection of organization vehicles or a huge hire business asset utilisation is extremely essential, and Nexis has a strong utilisation engine to highlight fleet utilisation predicated on a general (or customisable) operating times. Not only can it reveal a standard utilisation % nevertheless can also breakdown the utilisation of particular possessions or house kinds.

Immobilisation & Geo-zone

Nexis provides inbuilt immobilisation attributes to remotely disable any investment when necessary for an individual, this might be done at touch of an option or via an automatic timetable. As an example, you can choose to immobilise any resource whenever required or produce a schedule to immobilise an asset at 6pm day-after-day and un immobilise each morning at 7am.

Did you know? AMI visitors count on this assuring no enterprise assets are widely-used outside authorized working hrs, for both safety and a reduction in gas!

Nexis has also made is not hard to produce geo-zones and restricted locations, simply by hitting the chart. You’ll build within Nexis any ideal shape or measurements of geo-zone that your consumer can then assign to an asset.

This is a member of staff’s residence address or a website area, and Nexis will alert your of any fluctuations in or out from the geo-zone.

Did you know? Geo-zones is created to only be energetic at set hours (eg 8am aˆ“ 6pm) or effective 24/7. The exact same reasoning may be used on a specific day or day array.

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