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Re: hermit crabs Kind Sirs, I’m writing so you’re able to query certain day hermit crab passion

Otherwise, I will need to pick up Red coral Propagation sooner than questioned

It seems the one opening of one shell is inside the other opening of the other shell on the top of a piece of live rock. (one shell is on top of the other shell). They where both acquired at the same time and relocated to larger shells. One shell is about 3/8″ and the other is a ?”. Not sure if I should ban the children from looking into the tank or if the smaller one is trying to acquire a larger home? There doesn’t seem any movement from either shell, which leads to believe they are not fighting? I found them like this, this morning and where still in the same position when I left for work, about 3 hours later. Yesterday I notice a few were moving around the bottom more actively instead of scavenging. Should I break them up? Or listen for the pitter-patter of little (many) feet.? If so how long would it take for little ones? A side question regarding the new book (Reef Invertebrate): I’ve been reading and researching many topics in your site prior too moving up to a 75 gal next June. Many question regarding the brothers Kalk and Alk and was wondering if this is touched on in the new book? And the proper way to mix a Kalk slurry? It was referenced many times in the FAQ’s that it’s covered in Anthony’s book “Coral Propagation”, and I was wondering (hoping) it was covered in the new book? Don’t plan on adding any coral, etc, until the end of next year. Figure I had some time. Many thanks out to the crew for all of your help. DaveK

Do regular or hermit crabs require air, or can they stay fully submerged in water all the time? Snails?

Do crabs and you will snails you prefer heavens?

Cleaning Crew Hello WWM crew. I’m currently looking into getting a cleaning crew for my 180 gallon aquarium that consists of 200 lbs of live rock and 300 lbs of sugar size aragonite and wanted to see what you recommended in terms of crabs and snails, I’ve been hearing some negative things regarding the blue legged hermit crabs and Astrea snails. Thanks, Jose

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